Paper feed error, Support Code 1008, Canon PIXMA MX922

My printer (Canon PIXMA MX922) will not recognize paper in the feed tray, or rather it cannot pick up the paper that is present. It then returns the following error:

“Support Code 1008: There is no paper in the cassette (lower)”

If it helps; during the “warmup cycle” or pre-printing whirring and spooling noises, there is a rapid (approx 300 BPM) clicking noise, sounds like something is not right.

Device History:

TL;DR - 2 year old printer. Used to be in a dirty environment, isn’t anymore. No immediate cause for error.

The printer has been in use about two years now. This is my father’s printer so I cannot attest to it’s daily use in terms of volume. I will say he does not take care of his devices very well. This printer lived in a house that was being renovated, exposed to lots of dust. When I received it, there was spray paint cast-off coating the outside of the printer (looked like dust at first, came off with rubbing alcohol and scrubbing).

Despite those conditions, the printer has never exhibited this behavior before and it has not been in the dusty/dirty environment for several months (to my knowledge). It continued to function after being removed from those conditions (it now lives in a “normal” home, not a construction site).

As far as I know, there was no immediate cause for the error, it “just stopped working.”

Troubleshooting Steps:

**Successfully printed a test page from the upper paper cassette. This tray is for small format printing (5” x 7” is the largest size for that tray). This shows that the printer is capable of feeding paper and that other mechanisms are functional (print heads, drive belt, etc).

I have taken the following steps to troubleshoot thus far, error persists in all cases:

  • Updated firmware
  • Factory reset, updated firmware again.
  • Power cycling
  • Attempted printing both wirelessly and via USB from multiple computers.
    • Attempted to print an alignment page from the printer’s menu directly.
  • Ran the “clean paper roller” maintenance cycle from the printer’s settings.
  • Opened every hatch, removed paper cassettes, and inspected interior with a flashlight to look for jammed paper or other obstructions.
  • Cleaned the interior of the printer and paper cassettes with compressed air and a vacuum.
  • Cleaned the paper rollers inside the printer with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.
  • Removed paper cassettes and elevated printer to observe paper pickup and feed rollers during operation. Rollers were spinning.
  • Held up a camera inside the printer to observe rollers during printing attempt; it appears that the pickup rollers are not spinning when the tray inserted.

So, it appears that my issue is something like a belt or a snapped piece of plastic inside the printer that connects to the paper “pickup” roller. I am curious as to why the roller can spin when the cassette/tray is removed, but cannot when the tray is inserted. I have pictures if there is interest. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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