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Samsung tv turns on and off. No picture at all

Samsung tv turns on and off. No picture at all. Tried quick fixes can’t do too much when their is no picture. Is this tv junk now??

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@boscoevich we need to know the exact model number for your SAMSUNG TV


This is the 2nd time I am having this issue. The first time we just bought another TV, but that is too expensive to do again and would like to know if there is actually a fix for this problem. We bought a new power plug, but that didn't help. We'll try some of the solutions offered through all these blogs, but am not hopeful that they will help. This TV is barely a year old and am not ready or in the financial position to buy a new one... but we need a TV. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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@boscoevich there are many of reasons why this can happen. Does the POWER LED showing any light? Very first thing you want to do is to unplug the TV. Then unplug EVERYTHING that is plugged in the TV itself. Every input source, sound board, Firestick, SAT box, Cable box etc. or whatever else is connected to it. Then push and hold the power button down for about a minute or so. After that, connect one input source,(preferably a local source like a DVD or BR player, game console etc.) and the plug your TV in. See if it comes on and stay on.

If it does not, then it is time to take a look at the boards. Unplug your TV and remove the back cover. Do not touch anything on your boards with your fingers since your TV’s capacitors can still carry a charge and may zap you. Take a good look at those boards. Visually check for anything that looks odd, missing, charred, or otherwise damaged. Take some good pictures of all of the boards and post those pictures with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see.

Your TV may turn off because of missing “feedback” from the other boards. You will need a multimeter to measure the outputs from the power boards to the main board and signals from the main to the power board. If you post some pictures, we can hopefully guide you better with that.

Is this tv junk now??

Not until it is all checked! For as long as it is not the panel (unlikely), the majority of times a board change will fix it

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I have had the same problem with my Samsung 7 Series TV. I tried all of the things posted before - powering down etc., but eventually I took the batteries out of the remote control, and that resolved the problem! Bought a new remote control on Amazon for £10 and no problems now. Hope this helps.

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I think my problem is with Xfinity. I changed batteries in remote last week. Worked one night but not next. Hit the underside button on t yesterday and now don’t even get the only channel I was receiving last. Bummer.


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