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The first Altima was produced in June 1992, as a 1993 model. All Altimas were built in Smyrna, Tennessee, until June 2004, when Nissan's Canton, Mississippi plant also began producing the model to meet high demand.

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has problems starting most of the time

I have a 94 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder that has problems starting most of the time. If I pull a plug out I am getting spark and it allows the car to start, but put it back in then it doesn't start... Help please...

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Dave Scott could be many of things. If it has spark it most likely has spark when it is back in the cylinder head. So that would leave either fuel or air as a possibility. Check your fuel filter and pump to make sure that you have the right fuel pressure on that. The other thing you need to check for is that the spark happens a the right time. So you need to check the crank position as well as the cam position sensors. I would strongly suggest that when it runs, take it where they can scan the vehicle 's OBD to see if and what codes you get. Otherwise you might be spending a lot of money for parts that are not needed. Depending on where you are, places like Autozone do the scanning for free. Let us know what the exact engine is and what you have checked so that we may provide a more in depth answer

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I have replaced the fuel pump, battery, and fuel injectors it is getting gas, also should note that after replacing each the car started like the problem was fixed I shut it off came out next morning back to not starting, has me very confused. Was going to take it to shop down the road but won't start now..


Sorry, forgot to also mention the spark plugs and wires were also changed recently.


What about the cap and rotor?


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