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Repair and disassembly information for Sony's WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds. Released August 2018.

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Pairing a new left earbud with the original charger and right earbud

I lost my left earbud and bought a replacement on ebay - how do I pair it with my right one and charger? Many thanks, L

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This process apparently wipe the buds clean and introduce them to each other to be registered as a set.

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Thank you so much! I thought this didn't work. I tried them in my ears one last time and it worked! All of the online help said I would have to send them back to Sony (and pay more than they are now worth) to get them reset. Much appreciated!


Should I try this? My right earbud touch stopped working and I cannot initialize to reset connections. Earbuds don't shut off in case either. I'll do that or I'm just gonna buy a full set refurb from eBay/Walmart.


Old bud driver is updated, but replaced new bud is not updated. When i initiated update then its fails. Bcz my one bud is already Full update. How to solve this??


Wow, you just saved my day!


This worked for me on that model. I heard there are some models that you do have to send to Sony. I did this also with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro2.


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For anyone else trying this you can get your headphones in pairing by mode by putting them in your ears and holding the touchbutton on both sides for seven seconds. NFC pairing didn't work for me right after the reset, but it did start working with the new headphones after a while.

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another thing I would like to ad is that the new right earbud I got started flashing red when I put it in the charging case together with the original left earbud. That is not a problem I was still able to pair them. I can't tell exactly how I did it, I was just experimenting with reseting both earbuds and initialising after that.


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