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Snapped Display Bezel, Which Parts Do I Replace?

Hi there,

I lent my MacBook Pro to a friend of mine for the week, and when I got back in town the aluminum siding on the right had a crack across it. Within a week of opening and closing it, the same crack appeared on the opposite side. The bottom part of the display bezel was being pulled away from the screen when the computer was open, so there was a space between the display and the bezel where the words "MacBook Pro" are written.

Earlier today, when opening my laptop, it finally broke and the display fell flat on the table. The bottom bezel still at a 45º angle.

I've attached two photos. I'm wondering if replacing the front bezel will solve the problem or this requires replacing more parts.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Can't seem to attach images, not sure why. Below are two direct links to the images.



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Your whole display seems to snapped off, judging by the pictures. Strange, because the bezel itself has no purpose apart from cometics. The hinges itself seem to be broken, so i think all you can do is to replace the whole display assy.

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Thinking again, you can probably just replace the hinges. Guide MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 & A1260.


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