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Released in June 2017 as a successor to the Surface Pro 4. Also known as Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3". Model number: FJT-00001.

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Replaced Screen. Touch and Pen Problems

I dropped my Surface Pro 5. I ordered and received a new screen through Amazon. For a while, things were good, but then touch and pen functions started to deprecate. I did not drop it again, but I think I may have disturbed something when I replaced the not so protective but cute protective case with a more rugged (and expensive - worth it!) Urban Gear case.

I reopened it. I cleaned out some of the adhesive, mainly from the top where there is some copper (antenna?) This seemed to give me more consistent pen operation. I am thinking about removing and reinstalling the screen now that I know what to do. Maybe I will recover something that I missed on the first pass in the process.

I disabled the two HID touch screen entries in Device Manager, restarted, enabled, restarted. At first, I saw the little gray circles, but the screen cycled off and on a few times. They disappeared.

Do you think uninstalling the drivers will help or harm? I assume this would force Windows (11) to look for drivers again?

I hope it is not a faulty screen, since I am sure my return opportunity is gone.

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Yes. I was thinking about reopening and reinstalling. The pen is super consistent since I partially removed the screen and cleaned the excess adhesive.


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I suspect that you have installed it incorrectly, or some wires have not been properly connected, is it possible to open the screen again and check?

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Messing with the driver won’t help, this is entirely hardware.

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