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The KODAK EKTRA brings a new photography experience to creators, offering up a familiar DSLR dial system within a powerful smartphone so you're always ready when the decisive moment arises. First Available: May 8, 2017

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Kodak Ektra, battery bloat & power issue. Any replacement batteries?

My Kodak Ektra Android device has had a battery bloat issue for years and the problem got progressively worse until the device is unable to function normally. Are there any replacement lithium ion battery replacements available?

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@autolooper: I have the same problem with my Kodak Ektra smartphone. The battery drains so quickly that it has to be on charging constantly to be able to use. Did you manage to change the battery as @oldturkey03 described?


I have not been able to move on repairs yet as I also need to deal with the case being destroyed by the bloated battery, D:


@autolooper I'll go this week to a gsm repair shop with my Kodak Ektra. It's an "obscure" device, but maybe they can fix it with / have the skills. I'll let you know.


I contacted support@kodakphones.com (bullit-group.com).

This is their answer:

Thank you for contacting Kodak phones support.

I'm sorry to hear the battery is no longer holding charge when it's disconnected from the charger.

Please be advised that we no longer create or support this phone model, so I've contacted our service centre to double check whether this can be repaired.

Once I have an update regarding whether this can be repaired, I will let you know.

Alternatively I kindly recommend checking with your retailer whether they can assist further.

Best regards,

- Kodak phones support


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@autolooper interesting device to say the least. The model for the battery is JKBP and a preliminary quick search did not show a lot of original batteries. you may have to do some modifications for the battery connector. There are plenty of batteries that have the proper capacity but not the right connector. Bit of a beast….consider tha answer on here How to remove back cover of Kodak Ektra smartphone to open it.

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