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Guides and repair information for the EverFlo oxygen concentration system, which is sold by Philips Respironics.

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no air produced even though green light is on

The concentrator turns on, all three lights come on at first for a few seconds, then only green. However, there is no O2 being produced, the gauge stays at the bottom, no tubing or cannula attached.

Before this the red alarm light and sound came on after a few seconds and stayed on, so I replaced the filter. Now the concentrator has the above condition with the new filter and also with the old filter put back.

After running the concentrator for several minutes with the new filter (which does not seem to be the problem) the red light comes on and the alarm sounds continuously until I turn the machine off.

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Often time a hose has become loose or fallen off , Remove back check all hose connections with soap water to find leak , Replace as need or repairs., Chances are when you replaced the filters the hose that connect to the grommet was push out of place, Also look for plastic that show swelling at ends this will also cause this, Good luck

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