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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's S22 Ultra smartphone, released in February 2022.

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Antenna locations S22 Ultra

What are the various antenna locations on the S22 Ultra? They always seem to get glossed over in the few teardowns that are out there.

In the past the charging coil and the NFC were on top/combined together in one space, is this the same now?
And what about the BT, GPS, etc?

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Due to the complex nature of modern cellular technologies, it is difficult to determine which antennas do what by just looking at them alone. You need to check the schematics.

For example cellular services may use 2 or 4 MIMO ports on 3 or more frequency ranges, WiFi has 2 frequency ranges and usually 2 ports with 2 bands. A lot of the front end hardware is combined.

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