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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 8th generation iPad. Released September 18, 2020. Model numbers: A2270, A2428, A2429, and A2430.

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Doing it’s own thing

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Hello people,

i really need your help. You guys seem to be great at giving good answers that help hence why I’m here.

I have an iPad 8th gen. It had a smashed screen of which I replaced. I did lose touch id, but other than that, all went well.

Later that night, it started doing its own thing, including zooming in. I tried everything I could think of and have made a few discoveries.

1) It happens even when the digitizer and home button are disconnected. Suggesting, it isn’t related to the new digitzer.

2) There is a buzzing noise coming from the top end of the iPad, I believe the battery connector.

3) It doesn’t want to turn off. I can’t swipe it off as it is going crazy.

4) Forcing it to turn off doesn’t work, it turns itself back on shortly after.

Please can someone advise my next steps. I’m really stuck and don’t want to have to throw away such a good iPad.

Thanks people

Update (05/18/2022)

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— the buzzing appears to be coming from battery connector

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It does still make a noise. Sounds more of a crackling


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Buzzing suggests that something may be shorting. Start by checking all the ribbon cables are properly seated and connected.

The battery connects to the logic board on the bottom right side of the device but the camera module is located at the top.

I think you have a current running through the frame and its setting off the digitiser or a current is running through the digitiser and into the frame. Disconnect the screen and connect the battery. If there's no buzzing and it won't auto power on, connect the screen. Same thing, no buzzing, no power on, connect the digitiser. This might allow you to isolate it to the frame, the screen, or the digitiser.

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Hello Shahram, I really appreciate your time.

Unfortunately, disconnecting the battery without removing/potentially damaging it, appears to be a near impossible task on this device. Do you know if it’s possible to do without having to pull the battery out?


I don't think you need to remove the battery, just a visual inspection is fine.

This is the ipad 8? You should have three tabs in the bottom right hand corner. I think one of those is the battery. You'll need to see if you can safely power on the device and then disconnect one tab at a time with a plastic tool.

Don't do this if you're not comfortable with the risk of damage or the hazards associated with an actively powered device.

This is more a quick and dirty approach to troubleshooting the problem. Ideally you would have the old screen to see whether you can reproduce the problem there.


When the display is lifted, to the bottom right I have 3 flex cables, 2 digitizer and 1 lcd. Also the homebutton catch. At the topC I have a connector with a screw in, which appears to be the battery. Fortunately the battery is now fully drained


My mistake, you are correct. Top right with the screw is indeed the battery.

Do you have your old screen to hand? Can you try connecting it and powering on to see if you hear any buzzing?


I don’t, I made the very stupid mistake of throwing it. As it is, there is no digitizer connected, just LCD. It is still buzzing and doing its own thing. It appears to love the zoom feature in particular. The buzzing isn’t particularly loud, but can hear if you go close enough.


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