Sega Saturn still loses data even when battery is replaced

I replaced the battery on my Sega Saturn. I set the time and date. However, if I turn off my Saturn and leave it for any length of time, I have to set the time and date again, and any data that was stored is lost. What’s causing the issue? The console powers up fine.

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so it doesnt keep the date if you cycle the power for lets say 1 minute? if thats the case then theres something wrong with the battery circuit or the battery you replaced it with.

do you have multimeter?


Unfortunately, I don’t have a multimeter at present. However, the battery is new. When I shut down my Saturn for any length of time, which can be after a minute, when I turn it back on, I have to set the time and date again. Having to set the time and date each time on power up is annoying.


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