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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos Android phone is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime line. Model number SM-G360H/DS (SM-G360H/Dual-Sim). Released in November 2014.

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How to repair ghost touch

the phone screen touches by its self

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So there’s actually a few things that can be causing this issue with your device.

  • The primary suspect could be an issue with the phone’s software. Make sure that the device is up to date. If anything else a forced reset of the device can help the issue.
  • The second suspect issue could be overheating or extreme cold. Definitely see if the issue continues if the phone is in a neutral environment.
  • If your phone is using a screen protector, definitely try removing the protector and see if the issue continues.

If all else fails, then it may be a defect in the screen that could be causing the issue. This would mean that the a replacement screen would be needed.

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