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Why the heater dont work?

I turn on the heater on my Amana heater and a/c unit and only blows cold air, it seen to be working good but does not heat

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jose lopez, do you have a model number for your Amana? Your setting are properly set?


Well my friend the model nr. its PTH123B35AM, and all the sttings are properly set.I even reset the configuration items to th factory defaults. I´ll be glad if you can help me thank you


Does it have the remote thermostat and an occupancy sensor? Have you checked on the the thermostat to make sure it is functioning.? I know it is a lot of questions, but I just want to see if we can narrow the problem down.


Only have a wired thermostat, and I already change it and does not have a occupancy sensor, and still not working. I will try to answer all the cuestions you do to me, that does not bother me, and thanks for trying to help me.


Jose Lopez, thank you for bearing with me. I should have more information for you tomorrow. I do know that there are some trouble with the heat exchanger, but will try to take a look at some manuals tomorrow. Stay warm until then:-)


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jose lopez, it appear that your unit actually has a self diagnostics mode. Try this from the manual


If a failure is detected on the digital board, there will be a green light constantly lit up. This light is located under the OFF touch pad button. The board will need to be programed into the Diagnostic Maintenance & Status Report mode to determine the failure and the procedures to correct the failure.


To enter Diagnostic Status Report mode, press and hold the up and down arrows and, while holding, quickly press the COOL key twice.

Active Failures.

• If there are no active failures or lockouts, the display will show a double dash, “- -”. If there is a code listed, see the

unit “Diagnostic Codes” chart for a list of definitions.

Operating Temperatures.

• If not in Diagnostic Status Report Mode, enter as instructed above and press the Fan Speed key.• If already in Diagnostic Status Report mode, press the Fan Speed key. The display will show the temperature of the desired set point, SP; the temperature at the wireless thermostat, rL; the indoor ambient temperature behind the filter, IA; the indoor coil temperature, IC;the indoor discharge air temperature, Id; the outdoor coil temperature, OC; the outdoor ambient temperature, OA;and the spare probe temperature, IH. If any of the probes are not populated the display will show the corresponding failure code.

Past Failure Log

• If not in Diagnostic Status Report Mode, enter as instructed above and press the Fan Speed key twice.

• If already in Diagnostic Status Report mode, press the Fan Speed key. While the display is showing operating temperatures, the last 10 failure codes active or past can be requested by pressing the Fan Speed key again. The codes are displayed last entry first followed subsequently by each preceding code.

Note that modes F1 and Fd are also displayed in the normal control operation (see “Diagnostic Codes” chart).

To exit Diagnostic Status Report mode, press the OFF key." This might generate an error code that we can research. Give it a try and let us know. Good Luck.

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Followed your instructions I got sp 80,

rl f2, iA 61, Ic 60, id 60, oc f7, oa f8, ih f9


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Here is some basic checking you can do.

Take off the case and remove the top 1/2 of the controller board carefully.

On the top there will be 2 brown wires for heater 1 heater 2, using a milti-meter check for 220V across those 2 terminals. If you do have power then you have an issue with your heating coil. If you do not see voltage then you have an issue with your controller board.

Now if you want to test the heating coil just shut off the unit and unplug it from the wall.

unhook those 2 cables for the heater and run an ohms test. If you don't see anything chances are one of the high limit switches went there are 2.

You should be able to carefully remove the heating coil and test each switch for resistance and go to your local plumbing supply store to get a new coil or call amana and get the new coils.

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my pth153b50ae stopped heating and i checked the voltage on the 2 brown wires and i didnt get any voltage at all. I'm guessing my control board is bad ?


My unit is 220v, I checked the voltage with those 2 brown wires, they registered 110v, on the heating coil I have continuity, but also when I checked the voltage on the heating coil it registers 110volts but the coil doesn't heat up


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make sure there is no furniture in front of the unit, that will cause the unit to short cycle because the temp

is satisfied to soon.

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I have a Amana PTAC unit will blow hot air if you hit unit ? Any idea's after it starts to blow hot air it will work for a while stop again, I can't even find someone to come fix ? Everyone says they are no good


Bad control board. That means one of the relays on the board is weak and needs to be replaced.


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