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The Razer Blade Stealth (2016 model) is a laptop designed specifically for gaming. With an Intel Core processor giving fast speed yet smooth, crisp graphics.

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Replaced battery, new battery will not work unless plugged in

My razer laptop is about 4 years old, the battery capacity was down to about 75%. I replaced the battery a few days ago and right after changing it I was able to power it on. I left it charging for a while to calibrate the battery, and tried to turn it on today. It won’t turn on now unless plugged in. I put the old battery back in, it works fine. The pins on the new battery connector all look good on both the battery and the motherboard. When plugged in, it shows the new battery at 94% and will not go higher than that, but shuts off immediately when unplugged. Could this be a defective battery? Is there anything else I’d need to do to get it to work??

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Hi Grace, what did it turn out to be? I’m having the same problem…


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Given the fact that the old battery is "working", chances are you got a defective battery. But, just to make sure all of our bases are covered I would go back through and make sure that the cable connecting the new battery to the motherboard is seated correctly.

If all else fails, definitely write back the company you bought the battery from explaining what happened. I'd bet that they would be glad to ship out another battery your way.

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