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Repair information for the Asus Transformer Book T100TA. Released ~2013. Model number: T100TA .

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My device won’t power on.

Hi, my ASUS T100TA won’t power on, When plugged in, LED slowly blinks orange/amber.

I hard discharged the battery, removed the tape on the POWER button and plugged it in and… LED still slowly blinks orange/amber.

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NOTE: My laptop/tablet was actually a ASUS Transformer T102HA. But since it didn’t exist it the repair tutorials, I picked the device that was the closest to my computer. Instead of showing a green light, it shows a white one. My computer is 5 years old and 6.6% of my computer’s battery is degraded, which means it can only hold 29 138mWh instead of the rated 31 200mWh. But is 93.4% battery health low? When my battery needs remplacing, maybe I will do a tutorial about how to replace a battery of a T102HA.


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When the LED is green the battery charge is between 95% and 100% and the AC power is on. The orange/amber LED indicates that the battery power is below 95%, and the AC power is on. Without the charger plugged in an orange/amber blinking shows the battery charge is below 10% and needs a charge.

However, if your laptop battery percentage is above 10% and the LED keeps blinking orange/amber it may mean the battery needs replacing.

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Oh, also, I found out that I didn’t properly hard discharge the battery. When I left it for a night, the battery was completely dead and when I removed the tape that was holding the POWER button to the on position and I plugged in, this time the light was still orange/amber but was no longer slowly blinking. Now after this, the computer now worked. I will remplace the battery when BatteryBar shows a high percentage of battery degradation.


But still, thanks.


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