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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 FE Android smartphone, released in October of 2020. Identified by model numbers SM-G780F or SM-G780F/DSM

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S20 FE Not charging

S20 fe randomly stopped charging one morning didn’t acknowledge that the charger was plugged in either

Already tried cleaning the port and checking inside for any loose connectors that I could press back into place but no luck

Sent in for repair last Saturday hadn’t heard from them until today and been told the problem is with the motherboard, no info on what actually on the motherboard is the problem but they want to charge me 110 to fix it

Now I was suspicious that the problem lied with the charging module maybe loose connection or something and ordered the part but wanted some advice from others that’ve maybe had the same problem


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It seems that the phone has come back with more damage than it went in with and now I believe the phone is truly unfixable

The repair shop has attempted a repair they clearly are not able to do and destroyed any hope of fixing it


@joe1605 are you in the uk ?


Yes I am. Why?


Another update the phone has switched on somehow seems after I switched the charging module it seemed to charge but with the ammeter I can see it’s only drawing 0.09A while switched on but 0.5A while off that’s connected to a plug that should supply 1A

I can also feel the back where they attempted the repair is getting really hot so I suspect a short maybe?

I also suspect it’s a result of the ‘repair’ as it was not doing this before hand

Going back to the shop tomorrow to retrieve the missing screws and mobo shield that was ripped off

Also a suspicious rattle I’m not sure the source of

But will sort all that out tomorrow


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possibly a bad connector on the motherboard that the ribbon from the charge port connects too. try pushing down on the connector to see if anything shows on the screen.

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Will try that tomorrow when I get the phone back however I did notice that when I took it in as he plugged it in it indicated it was charging but never turned on if that changes anything


@joe1605 you would need an amp meter to check what current its drawing.


Have ordered one will have it tomorrow


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