Stylus Stuck inside hole, is there a spring I could replace or unkink?

My stylus gets stuck inside its hole, I have to hit the bottom of the phone to my palm to get it to pop out to where I can grab it. I know what phone jack used to be on that side and in the dark I have tried shoving it in the stylus side then realize oh I am shoving my stylus deep inside there...didn't realize this happened till recently when I went to actually use the little bugger. it pops "up" (the end of the stylus) but it only comes to flush with the opening of the hole to tell you how far it can get jammed up in there.

Do you think there is a spring in there that I hyper kinked which maybe worn out or maybe it is stuck within itself and could be some how unstuck?How? or you think its shot all together like most springs end up being worthless after getting kinked?

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after removing the stylus I gave it a few wacks on my hand and then stuck the stylus back in there, and what do you works again...silly me...think I just had to be among my other fellow figure outer peeps. Instantly things just come to me to try and thankfully they work. Hope this helps someone with similar issue, and ties them over until a better answer that repairs the issue is stated.


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