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Repair and disassembly guides for Acer tablets that run on the Windows operating system.

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Getting into Acer Aspire one N214

I like [playing with old technology and recently acquired an old Acer Aspire one N214. It has minimum memory and an HDD and I want to get in to update it as far as I can. Can I repeat that I do this for FUN!

I have removed all the screws from the bottom of the machine but I can't seem to open it and there appears to be no other way in. Any advice please. I am hearing impaired and find YouTube unusable, as I can't concentrate on hearing and seeing at the same time. Written advice would be of great help - there isn't any that I can find on the Internet!

I'll probably use this machine with Linux (I tend to use Xubuntu) when I'm done messing about with its innards - if I can ever get to those innards!

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Two things for you; I'm also HOH, on thosevideos turn on subtitling and turn the sound off. AND go here for how to get into the puppy:

Acer aspire one happy Disassembly

Have fun!

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Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for! Why couldn't *I* find it on Ifixit? My hearing problem is congenital (I picked the wrong parents, but when you're very young, you just don't have enough experience to make important decisions like this...) I've been a life member of AMSAT since 1974 but *STILL* can't get morse sorted - I think I just approach hearing back to front or something! I nearly got into amateur satellite construction in the 1970s but my would be teacher then got head-hunted. These things never happen to me...




Yes, too late wise...


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