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The Galaxy A20s is a midrange Android smartphone released by Samsung in September 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A2070, SM-A207F/DS, and SM-A207M/DS.

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Network not working. No service problem

Samsung A20s network not 🚫 work. This kind of problem fix by network ic replacement

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Network is very slow in my area



have you contacted your service provider about the problem?


No power on ,, problem wifi


Camera not on and problem wifi


احمد اليماني did you check the link in my answer? What did you check?


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Esu Worku yes, it is absolutely possible that the IC is your issue. Of course you do need to check your antennas etc. as well as the components on your circuit boards to ensure that those are ok. You also want to take a look at videos like this that show possible fixes. Don't change IC's just for the sake of changing and hoping it will work.

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