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Any series residential lawn tractors with Kohler or Briggs and Stratton engines.

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Oil Spill but on Engine of Ztrak mower

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I am new to operating a John Deere Ztrak. I inherited a 2020 Ztrak Z355R. I used it for the first time this past weekend and worked perfectly fine. I noticed the next day there was oil on the floor. After examining the equipment I could not find the source and did not see any obvious breaks/leak source. What was odd about this was the amount of oil surrounding the top of the engine. I am new to the ride on mowers, but this does not seem normal. Should I be concerned this is something to do with inside the mower or as simple as the a cap was loose? I checked the caps and they were all on, but the amount of oil on the engine and underneath was concerning and my thoughts are has to be from a loose cap. I am afraid to use it again in fear additional damage could be done. Any help would be appreciated and/or if this is a bigger issue that I should bring into a dealership/service company to look at. Thanks.

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What was the crankcase oil level before and after the event?

If the crankcase level is still OK, it is safe to run after cleaning up.

If it is overfilled, drain some oil until it is at the correct level.

Do not run it if the oil level is low or not reading on the dipstick.

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Oil was maybe an inch plus before running. Next day checked the oil has maybe half an inch or slightly less on dipstick. Thought about completing an oil change on it regardless after this event. The amount of oil on the ground was concerning as I thought the oil would be completing gone, however has some on dipstick.


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