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A game console released in North America by the Nintendo Company in 1985, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, model NES-001.

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Why is my NES turn grey and won't read games? Wont read DuckTales.

Hello. I have a NES that works, but when I use the AV input on my Sony Wega, it wont read the game and the screen is grey. I've cleaned everything and it still won't work.

I have Godzilla 2 and Super Mario Bros but they too dont work. All my games don't.

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have u seen if a port is loose or if anything is missing


Do you have another TV to test with? Is the power LED on the NES blinking? If so, what is the pattern of blinking?


@andrewsawesome Yes I have my other Fire Roku tv from the Famicom question. The LED is blinking and the pattern is red then it turns off and it repeats. I can take a photo and send it to you.


@deesnuts Have you tried cleaning the cartridge connector in the console and on the video game console?


@andrewsawesome Yes I did both and still nothing worked


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Trying to FIX a Faulty NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) - YouTube

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Did you check the channel the tv is on ? And there’s a 3/4 switch in the back to toggle it to channel 3 or 4.


I did and still nothing.


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