Audio driver keeps turning off - Dell OptiPlex 1070

NOTE: You didn't have my model as an option. This is NOT the 745, but 1070! About 30 seconds after the audio ends, the audio driver turns off with a faint, thump or pop. When playing audio again, the driver comes back on with a pop (rear speaker port) or a loud thump (front port) - even if the speakers are muted. I've tried headphones, headsets and external speakers. I've reinstalled Windows 10, reinstalled / updated audio drivers, changed audio settings galore, updated BIOS and Dell sent a tech out to replace the motherboard.

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Did you mean a Dell 7010 as I can't find anything on a Dell 1070?

After having changed the motherboard and the problem is still there, to me it seems to be a software problem rather than a hardware problem

Check what programs are loaded at startup, disable them and restart the PC and check the audio.

To disable startup programs, right click on the taskbar > Task Manager > Startup > select Status > disable.

Maybe disable all first off and if the problem stops then enable them again one at a time (same procedure as before) and check if the problem returns. When it does then the Startup program that you had just re-enabled might be the cause.

Another option is to enable the audio in safe mode and check if it works OK. If it does then it may be a driver conflict as only minimal, generic Windows drivers are installed in safe mode.

Check online for how to turn on audio in safe mode for Win 10.

Just some things I'd try.


Sorry, I meant 3070. Thanks for the suggestions, but they were a no go.


@Tim Russell

What is the status of the audio controller in Device Manager after it has "turned off"?

Does it occur when always only using the same program or when using any program that has audio capability e.g. browser, music app etc?


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