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Repair guides and support for a wide range of clocks.

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How to keep battery powered clock from slowing down

my battery clock runs slow even with new batteries installed. is there a fix for this?

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This is a fix that is more complex than my clock; it does give me an idea for upgrading to a better time piece. Thank you.


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While altering the crystals timing can improve your clocks time keeping, it may not offer enough as the battery runs down.

Another way of having a clock that syncs up with WWVB which is a radio signal many clocks use to hold their time. Another source is the Internet time server which you can access over the internet. Some clocks today can leverage it via WiFi or even a hardwired Ethernet connection, as an example my weather station does this.

Sadly, these options will likely require a new clock to leverage.

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@ortheo There are ways to calibrate a quartz watch movement, but it depends on what exact movement is used in that watch.

Most watches lose or gain seconds (sometimes several a day), even high end Rolex mechanical and Patek Philipes! Mechanical watches usually requires a watchmaker with highly sensitive equipment to get just right. And watches are also subject to interference from static, like magnetism, etc.

If you can, either by finding your manual or opening the back cover, find the exact movement part number and Google fex (Seagull 2551 quartz movement calibration)

(That movement is the current most used Chinese movement.)

I have a SEIKO Solar which I’ve had for a year or so, and it loses about 1-2 seconds bimonthly (which is how often I have to adjust it because of the calendar).

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