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The Compaq Evo N1000v is a laptop computer manufactured by HP for business use.

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I have an Evo N1000v that uses WindowsXP, but I forgot th PW.

How I can start the computer?

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Hi jomaca47,

Although not directly specified in the rules or the community guidelines of iFixit, I won't detail the process of how to remove a password from a Windows laptop. The process is very straight forward, and only requires (the easiest way) a bootable USB drive with some tools. This information is plentiful online, and it's actually harder to make a PB&J sandwich than to remove a password.

Why I won't detail the process with links and information is simply because I have over 20 years in the computer industry with a high focus on security. I can't be sure that it's your computer and that you have indeed forgot the password.

For all I know, it's someone else's computer and you're trying to hack it.

If it were stated in the rules or guidelines, that it's OK to detail such a process here on iFixit, then that's another matter.
But until then, I will stop at saying that the process of doing this is readily available on a plethora of websites and fora.

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