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Car "Jerks" while accelerating

I've been noticing this pretty much ever since I bought the car. When I accelerate moderately from a stop or slow speed (5 to 10 km/h), I can feel the car jerk fairly harshly - enough to throw you forward in your seat. Right before RPMS start to get around 2500 - 3000. This doesn't happen if I accelerate slowly, if I'm already moving at a decent speed and I floor it, or when I'm decelerating. Only when I accelerate from a stop or very slow speed. I have a 2014 Civic Coupe with the 1.8 and the CVT

I've changed the CVT fluid with an OEM equivalent replacement from partsource, and it seems to have mostly gone away for the first ~50km, but not long after that, it's back as if I haven't done anything. I've put around 1,500km on the car since I've changed the fluid and it feels as if I haven't done anything now

My car has 143,000km, and since I bought it used, I have no idea when the fluid was last changed. I asked the previous owner and they didn't remember getting it done.

What can I do to solve or improve the issue? It's quite frustrating and uncomfortable for everyone in the vehicle.

Thanks everyone :)

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The questions to ask are; is this a cvt or engine problem? I would search Honda forums for members that may have experience and answers. Continuously variable xmissions can be problematic with completely different issues unrelated to standard electronically controlled xmissions. Xmission specialists familiar with CVTs may only exist in dealer departments with fewer in xmission repair shops. Engine problems are relatively easier to diagnose and troubleshoot compared to cvt problems.


Well I'm pretty sure its a transmission issue, as it went away completely for a bit after a fluid change


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For anyone that needs the answer, it actually ended up being a vacuum leak. The clean air intake hose had a big crack in it, which wasn't visible until I started messing with it. If you're having a similar issue, start there.

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Glad you found the solution and sharing it to close this thread.


Ik this is an old thread but I have the same problem there was a big tear in the clean air intake. Immediately after putting the new boot on, I have excessive pressure in my crankcase, I replaced the pcv valve and cleaned the hose that goes back to the intake but I still have excessive pressure. The compression test was fine so far but I don’t want to blow my rings. Any ideas lol?


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does this car have individual coil packs for each cylinder that is what fires your plugs is your engine light on if not buy a cheap analyzer see what it says if you have multiple coils and one bad one it will make your tranny run eratic

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