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I plugged a 110 v iron, it did not heat

I installed a 110v outlet using one live wire and a grounded wire. I measured the outlet to be 125v. When I plugged a 110 v iron, it did not heat. The iron is working in other 110v outlet., but not in this extension outlet. What is the problem.

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From what I know ,different houses are wired in different ways to I would check nothing has tripped your safety box:-)

Just in case


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@rogergusilatar Look at how the functional outlet is wired. Copy that or use an electrician. Your house wiring depending on it's age might have only two wires but in anything modern that ground is there to be exactly that: a ground, sounds like you may have miswired the outlet. this page explains how to wire the outlet properly. Black to brass, white to chrome/silver, green to ground.

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@uchetil they may be using the actual terminology. A grounded conductor is one way electricians refer to a neutral wire. A groundING conductor is what most people refer to as the ground wire.


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