GE GTW485 Washer Not Draining

I've looked all over online and most places are saying it's either a kink in the hose, a clog, or a bad pump. I've checked the hose and pump and there are no clogs and the pump spins freely when removed.

Big problem I'm having is getting water out of the washer. I've tried connecting a wet/dry vac to the hose and various connectors and can't get the water out. It appears there is a purple plug on the bottom of the tub, but I can't get it to budge.

If I can at least get the water out I can maybe do some more digging into the drain issue, but it's just sitting with gallons of water sloshing about making everything difficult.

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Hi @vestj,

What is the full model number of the washer?

There are 9 different GTW485 washer models and they are not all the same i.e. GT485-ASJ0WS , -ASJ0WW, - ASJ1WS, -ASJ2WS, -ASJ3WS, -ASJ4WS, -ASJ5WS, -BMK0WS & -BMK1WS.

Knowing the correct model will help to find the correct service manual and also the correct replacement part if one is required.

Have you thought about using a hose to syphon the water from the machine? It might be slow but it should get most of it out. Here's a video that explains how in principle it works


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