2013 MacBook Air only turns on in a "special" way

Hi! My MacBook Air from 2013 has a couple of problems. First, when the device is plugged in, the MagSafe light will not show any light, it will just stay off. Pressing the power button does absolutely nothing either. However, the only way to turn on the MacBook Air is to hold the power button, connect the MagSafe cable, still holding down the power button, and after a few seconds, the fans will blast at full speed and the Mac makes the startup chime and boots normally, but even after booting up, the MagSafe light still stays off, the battery status doesn't appear in the status bar and trying to enable it doesn't do anything. (It just turns itself off immediately) Another thing in that "mode", is that the keyboard light doesn't light up, the laptop won't enter sleep mode when the lid is closed (fans keep blasting at full speed), and the battery won't charge. Unplugging the laptop from the charger just makes it shut off immediately. Replacing the battery does allow to make the MacBook Air to turn on without the MagSafe charger, but it still boots to that "special" mode. (Fans blasting, laptop doesn't go to sleep, etc). It also doesn't charge the battery either and it reports the battery is at 0% when clearly its unplugged and reported 57% on another unit. Updating macOS, using different official MagSafe chargers, and SMC/PRAM reset does absolutely nothing either.

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You have a bad logic board.


@steve_g Could it be a bad SMC chip?


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