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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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Is it possible to replace the micro usb port with a us c port?

I just got a Steam Controller and I'm wondering if and how to replace the micro USB port with a USB c port.

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Hi Samuel,

Sorry, there isn't any such animal. USB-C connectors have 12 pins connecting them to the motherboard, while USB micros have only 5. You'd have to find a USB-C connector that matches the printed circuit board footprint, and nobody makes such a thing. There's a whole discussion on the subject over at the EEVblog forum.

Type-C in Micro USB footprint (female connectors)

The closest I can come to getting you what you want is a USB-C to USB micro adapter, available from Amazon.

Amazon.com: USB C to Micro USB Adapter, (4-Pack) Type C Female to Micro USB Male Convert Connector Support Charge Data Sync Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge, Nexus 5 6 and Micro USB Devices(Grey) : Electronics

Plug one into your controller and leave it there or put one on all the cables you use with your controller.

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Yes you can. Make sure the JSD version of your breakout board is the same with what you order.


Block Image


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Very cool, but that's made for a Sony PS4 controller, not a Valve Steam controller that the poster has.


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