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Sound service keeps stopping.

Sound service in windows 11 keeps "disappering" and won't appear in services and the sound will stop. After a reboot, the service will appear and the sound will come back.

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Hi @fpfp

What is the make and model number of the PC?

Are the latest Win 11 audio drivers from the PC manufacturer's support website for the PC (or perhaps from the audio controller maker's website) installed?


@jayeff It's a Samsung NP730QDA-KB3US and yes the drivers are up to date.



When it stops check the status of the Sound controller in Device manager - right click audio controller entry - properties - general tab - device status box.

Does it show that the device is working OK?

If so does the audio stop working after using it in one app only or any app that has audio function?

Also check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at the time the audio ceases to function.


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As a troubleshooting task, I would create a restore point immediately upon boot when the sound is working.

Then be very observant as to what is happening when it quits. When it goes out, attempt a restore. If that works, it is in the registry or a system file.

The next time it goes out, open a CMD window and type SFC /scannow.

If that fixes the problem, then a system file is becoming corrupt.

Now, which file and why becomes your search. Could be an HDD/SSD issue, could be loose connections, could be a PSU issue, could be a program issue.

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