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Can I replace the BATTERY?

Can I replace the BATTERY? If so, How?

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Hi David,

As you've undoubtedly noted, there isn't a guide for your particular phone here on iFixit. However, I did find a YouTube video of the exact thing you want to do on this exact phone. Here you go.

How to replace the battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G - YouTube

However, after watching the video, I was unable to see any difference between that procedure and the one for the standard (not 5G) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So my suggestion would be to follow the iFixit Galaxy Note 20 Ultra guide, as the instructions are quite a bit more detailed and informative than the video. If you run into anything in your phone that differs from the guide, then refer to the video if you end up needing more information.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

The parts appear to be readily available on Amazon and eBay; you'll need a battery, battery adhesive and battery cover adhesive to do the job right.

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نعم يمكن استبدالها وبسهوله

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For those of us who don't speak Arabic, Google Translate says this means:

Yes, it can be easily replaced.

Kaled, thank you for wanting to contribute.


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