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The March 2015 update of Apple's 11" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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iFixit Battery received has a protection film all over it.

Hi ,

I have received a new battery from iFixit today for my macbook air early 2015.Upon opening the box , i have noticed that there is a protection film ALL OVER the battery and not like in the guide description NOTE:

Note: If there is a thin plastic film on your replacement battery, do not attempt to remove it. It is glued on and protects the battery pack while it is inside the MacBook.

This is not only over the battery cells but all over the battery...

Should I remove it for installation or keep it?

Many thanks in advance.

Picture attached for reference.

Block Image

Update (08/16/2022)

I am just thinking that the plastic might affect the battery , as this is my second batter from iFixit and the first one, did not have anything like this...

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Hey all!

I got some information from iFixit EU side this morning:

Thank you for your message and the purchase from our Store.
The plastic film seen on your picture is supposed to be removed.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards,
Leon (iFixit EU Team)

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@xdrqgol leave it on and install your battery as shown in the guide

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First time you said: you will have to remove that to install your battery. If you do not then the glue strips would not work. :D I am skeptical ...


Yes that is because I just did a Macbook Pro and it had the glue strips covered and a protective cover over that. A case of mistaken identity not realizing yours was a MBA.


I am just thinking that the plastic might affect the battery , as this is my second battery from iFixit and the first one, did not have anything like this...But also the holes matching in the protective film , which makes it available for you to install it with it ON, is also something that makes me think..

So I would need to know what to do from someone who had a similar battery from iFixit ..


I understand but if it would just be a removable plastic it would not have the holes in it and your battery is secured by screws not glue strips. Who knows why the other one did not have it but I would go ahead and follow the guide


@oldturkey03 yes that makes me think about it. thanks


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I have an answer @xdrqgol! With this particular model of battery it's up to you. You can leave it in and it won't melt or you can remove it.

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