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Broken and stuck SD card inside steam deck

I (as a very careless and innocent person) opened up my steam deck with the SD card still inside it. Then when I opened the back, the SD card broke in half and stayed stuck inside the SD card slot. I

I tried pushing it out using the mechanism that the SD card slot has, but it doesn't seem to work with either the other half of the SD card to push or anything I try to push it with.

I looked at the teardown to see if I could open up the SD card slot to get the broken part out somehow, but the SD card slot is soldered to the motherboard, meaning I cannot get in easily.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get it out? I do not want to make a motherboard replacement unless it's the only solution...

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, so following the advice from @hellomacos I did the following.

  • I tried using ifix it tweezers: they were too thick and so a no go
  • I then looked for some precision tweezers on Amazon, and found these (Precision Tweezers Set, XOOL 10 PCS ESD Tweezers Set) https://a.co/d/6KvOvAA
  • I used the thinnest tweezers in the set.
  • I tried grabbing every way I could and what ended up working was to come from the top with the tweezer arms vertical, grab as far down on the SD as I could. Then lever the tweezers arms so they were placed more horizontal.
  • Then held the tweezers as far down as I could to have maximum closing strength since the card was stuck in the locked in position.
  • I then pulled and wiggled a little (no idea if wiggling helped) and the SD card came out!
  • I finished by cleaning the SD port from the SD card shreds and done!

I finished putting the cover back (WITHOUT THE SD CARD) on and checked that the new SD card was locking and reading correctly in the Steam Deck (it should show up in the settings to format the SD card)

Thanks for yalls attention, and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

TLDR: ALLAYS REMOVE SD CARD BEFORE OPENING STEAM DECK. Use precision tweezers to pull SD card, clean port, and check mechanism and port functionality.

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Glad you were able to get it out!

If you need anything else please let me know



I also did this and was able to pull out the broken card using a sewing needle


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This may be quite hard but we will get there!

The first thing I would try is get some fine tip tweezers and try and pull what’s left of it while inflicting minimal damage

You could replace the SD car reader but that requires soldering but it’s not something we want to do

As a last resort you could try a small amount of super glue to clue the card back together so you might be able to get it out but we leave that as a last resort as if too much glue is applied it could get stuck

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thank you for your response, I'll try those options out!

Any recommendations of good tweezers that could do the job? I have the standard ones from the ifix it kit but they do not fit unfortunately.



Theses ones ifixit sells I find are quite good

Or anything like them(make sure they are pointed or bent

Here’s a link



Is there a way to get it out… I been trying for days…. Please help……. Can I contact you thru email? leesake1113@gmail.com is mine please help…..



I can help you:-) but I would prefer it it was on ifixit(sorry about that)


Ok thank you !! Yes so I got the tweezers and how can I get it out :((( is there any method?


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Alternatively, you can look at how a Micro-SD slot works:


then you can make sure the little lever there is in the correct postion and push the card out using a pointy tool (carful to stick it into the card, not the deck ;) ) at the little gap in the top left corner

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I actually did pretty good on this one. I took a piece of stiff plastic (I used some shrinky dink plastic) cut into a SD wide tab, that can slide in on the side of the card. Then add one tiny drop of super glue to the very center (so little that it will not squeeze out the side). Slide it in with the glue side facing the card. Leave it for 20min for the glue to properly set, then pull it right out with just a little wiggle. I think as long as you don't use too much glue, don't wiggle it before the glue has dried, and use plastic so the glue can't seep through, it should have a good high success rate.

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