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PowerA's Gamecube Style Wireless Controller is a third party controller made for the Nintendo Switch. The controller is modelled after the beloved Gamecube controller, offering a wireless alternative to Nintendo's own controllers.

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Why is my left joystick malfunctioning?

It is kinda like drift but not normal drift. Instead of just tilting in one direction it is jittery going in all different directions even when I am not moving the joystick.

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Same thing happening to mine too. I went to open up my controller using my laptop screwdrivers and found a white residue around the board and solder where the button sensors touch. I cleaned with a toothbrush and alcohol. This fixed the problem but only for about 2 hours.

The buttons that were affected, were consistent with the game I was playing. Example: Pokemon Snap I would use the R trigger and C stick more than any other buttons, so those had the residue and malfunction. I am tempted to use my soldering iron but I rather do more research before I do any more self-repair.

I hope this helps a little.

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