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Выпущен в июне 2017 года как преемник Surface Pro 4. Также известен как Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3». Номер модели: FJT-00001.

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Pro 5 1796 not detecting new battery.

Hello all, I recently replaced the battery in my Surface Pro 5 1796, and upon powering it back on, Windows shows no battery present in the tablet. There is no battery icon in the taskbar, no battery settings in the Settings app, and upon checking device manager, it says that the Surface Battery is not installed in the computer.

Despite this, the battery is still sending power out to the system. I can unplug and use the device just fine, but when the battery dies, it immediately shuts off. No low battery warning, sleep state, or low battery icon from the UEFI when you try to power it up. Just a black screen.

This tells me that the battery is seated correctly in its spot, but something within the software is messing it up. I've tried reinstalling drivers, doing windows update, and performing a Surface Diagnostics Test, but to no avail. I have yet to try a full re installation of Windows.

If someone has any tips or solutions to this, please let me know. Thanks.

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Update: Solved! I ended up opening the device back up and finding the battery connector misaligned with the pins on the back of the motherboard. After adjusting the battery and reinstalling the ACPI Compliant Battery thing in Device Manager, the battery shows up!

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hi professor woody!!!

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