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Help identifying components HAD-CPU-10

I’ve taken over a project from someone who decided they couldn’t diagnose the fault.

There is no power to the switch, fuse has blown, shorted capacitor to the right of M92T36 and to the left of BQ24193. After having a look round the board I’ve found a ‘capacitor’ next to the ALJ109 which has cracked.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Does anyone know the values for this as I don’t have a donor board and want to try the cheapest parts first before turning it into a donor board!

Theres plenty of info about the first 2 components but not much about the other end of the board.

Any help appreciated

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thats not a cap thats cracked its an inductor

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@drunkdotcom not sure of specs but backlight inductor is probably the same, saying that, that could be the backlight inductor, this is them on aliexpress but no specs listed. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10050027...


@tech_ni Thanks for clarifying, can’t find much info on this area of the board. Any ideas how to find out the spec for the inductor to replace ?


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