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Why does my PS3 show the blue light on when there's no disc in it?


I've had my PS3 fat for a couple years. One day when I tried getting on it, I put in a disc to play it and when I was done with it, I tried to take the disc out (which it did) but the blue light stayed on. What could I do for I can get it back working?

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Hi Brandon, if you see a flashing blue light(disc loading problem), try this method:

https://ourpastimes.com/how-to-fix-a-ps3..., while a static blue light seems to have to do with the blueray drive, it is discussed in this post:


Was the console ever taken apart? In this case I would check all the cables are properly plugged in


I don't think it was taken apart. I've had it for a while and it started doing it not too long ago.


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Most likely it's your BR drive acting up, for a quick fix you can try resetting the internal mechanism in the correct position, there's a trick to automatically calibrating it without having to open up the console: once you get to the XMB menu screen, press and hold the eject button for 12 seconds. You can also follow the chosen solution from this thread and realign it manually.

Someone also mentioned that gently pushing a disc in while holding it at one end, then pushing the eject button and gently helping the system get the disc out could fix this

Worst case scenario, something inside the body of the drive is actually broken, so even after realigning the problem could come out again every time you eject a disc. In this case you will have to either keep the console open without cover and change discs manually, or go for a new drive (and daughterboard).

The process is illustrated in detail here and here(KEM-400).

Also, when looking for a compatible disk drive, this chart will prove very helpful

Good luck

PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Drive Изображение


PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Drive Replacement



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PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray Drive Изображение


PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray Drive Replacement



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