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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 FE Android smartphone, released in October of 2020. Identified by model numbers SM-G780F or SM-G780F/DSM

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Rear Main Camera Replacement, Not working

I have a S20 FE model: SM-G780G that was completly smashed.

Replaced the Display + frame, moved over all small components from old frame to new one. Put in a new battery and a new back cover. Boot up the phone and do the diagnostic via *#0*#. Everything works except the rear main camera. There are some big spots on the sensor but the camera works. I ordered a new camera partnumber: GH96-13921A.

I install the new camera, open the camera app. Warning! Camera no working.

I install the old camera, No warnings, camera work but got spots in the picture.

Ordered another camera from a different supplier. Installed it and got the same error message.

Is the Rear Main camera paired to the motherboard? How can i pair a new camera?

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I solved it.

Don't look at the Samsung partnumber for the camera. Take a look at the physical camera in your phone. On the flex cable that connects the camera to the motherboard there is a modelnumber. Either W12SAR2 or W12LAR2.

If the supplier you are buying the camera from do not list this specific information, ask them.

My original camera was a W12SAR2. I ordered the GH96-13921A (for the S20 FE 4G). The new camera wouldn't work as it was a W12LAR2.

I then bought a GH96-13893A (for the S20 FE 5G). This was a W12SAR2 camera. It worked!

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So you ordered a 4g camera instead of a 5g.


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