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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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White Lines on the buttom of the screen

My MacBook has some White blinking Lines on the buttom of the screen? What could the problem be?

Block Image

Update (09/25/2022)

This is the a new image.

Block Image

Update (10/08/2022)

@danj this is a screenshot of the app

Block Image

Update (10/13/2022)

@danj like this right?

Block Image

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Has your Mac been dropped at all?

Iv seen similar things to this on macs that have been dropped



No it has never been dropped


Daniel Risteski looks like a failed LCD screen to me. This " has some White blinking Lines" is caused by the signal received but unable to display.


@oldturkey03 - Apple had some artifacts within the Dead battery screen in some firmware levels which is what we have so far. We really need to get to a finder screen to be sure its a bad screen, Daniel also stated he hadn't dropped the system so I want to be sure we send him to an expensive fix that turnout didn't fix the issue.


What do you mean with a finder screen?


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Well you've got a few problems! First I don't see the MagSafe chargers LED even being lit so the charger and/or the MagSafe port on your system needs repairs or replacing. We can see the battery image on the screen is telling us the battery is not getting charged and is dead. Given the age of the system I would suspect the battery is just worn out and needs replacing.

As for the lines at the bottom of the internal display the fact the system has not booted up fully should first be checked out and ideally checking if the display its self needs replacing by plugging in an external display to see if the image is OK on it.

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There is nothing wrong with my battery i sent the image so you Can see the Lines on the button of the screen


@Daniel Risteski - You'll need to connect an external display to determine if the display or GPU is the issue.

Even still, why is the Icon failing to show the battery with charge? Also while hard to see I can see the MagSafe plugs LED is not even lit (Green or Amber) so there is something moe going on here.

The reason for getting a snapshot of CoconutBattery was also to diagnose why the charger is not charging the battery besides checking the battery.

Think of it this way you check your car oil looking fo different things, does it have enough? Does it look dirty? Do you see metal flakes? So don't assume we are just looking at one thing here.


When i Connect it to a external screen the White Lines is not on that screen ( i connected it to my television ) only on my MacBook screen @danj


@Daniel Risteski - Good so we now know its localized to the displays logic. That then leaves us to make sure the issue is not the dead battery screen. Replacing the battery is needed to get to the next level. You need to get to a bootable OS state (Finder space) to see if the line is present there.


But i dont know why it should be the battery? It works also without charger? Is there a Way How i Can check this 100%


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