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The Canon Pixma iP3600 is a compact inkjet photo printer that weighs 12.3lbs and is 17.0”(W) x 11.7”(D) x 6.0” (H). This wired printer was released as part of Canon's Pixma series in 2008.

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How to fix service error 5700?

paper jams on rear tray, using gloss paper or any other paper, can use front casset to run gloss paper system software will not aloud to run gloss paper from front casset

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The error displayed on the Canon Printer number means the sheet feeder needs to be replaced, it can be that gears in the printer and/or sensor have become broken or faulty. 5700 is an ASF cam error most likely which is called an ASF cam sensor error



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how do you fix the problem?, i know the fault, do i buy parts? do i addjust some thing on the printer? got a 'simplified service manual' to take covers off to fix it. need info of what to do, or how to it.


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