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CCD - 1/2.3-type, 14 MP Effective pixels - 14 MP (4314 x 3242) LCD - 7.62 cm (3.0 in.), 230K pixels

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Battery not charging using charging cord

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please help

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First of all, let's ensure electrical connection is good:

  • inspect both the camera charging port and the USB cable, clean out any debris with an air duster (should be bitterant-free), remember to hold the can vertical to avoid spraying the refrigerant liquid. Also, make sure to blow the debris away from the USB port instead of deeper down into it. In case you notice dirt or grime you can use a toothpick and dip a q-tip into a bottle of rubbing alcohol, then gently rub it on the contacts on both sides of the USB cable and on the port. Let everything dry before use
  • If it's still not working, try another cable known to work if you have one (if I'm not wrong it should be a common micro USB cable)
  • Alternatively, as they are available cheaply, buy a new one (the same goes of course if the one you have presents any sort of damage)

In case the camera has been off for a long time, it happens with devices that have a completely depleted battery that it takes a while to show signs of it charging. Wait a bit longer, in case nothing happens the battery could be dead or it could be some even more serious like a faulty charging port, hopefully just cleaning/switching the cable will solve this for you.


Update (2022/10/07)

Ok I checked your camera's manual, seems it gets powered by 2 AA stylus batteries, so USB cable is used for data transfer only I guess.

If you have already tried replacing the batteries with new ones and it still won't power on, first thing to check is if any battery fluid leaked on the contacts, you should see it clearly when inspecting them from the battery cover. If it did, to expose them open the case by going through steps 1-2 from this guide.

Now remove the metal contacts from the frame and clean them and the ones on the battery cover with vinegar or lemon juice with the aid of a toothbrush. Let everything dry thoroughly and scrape it to remove any residue, then do a final polish using a pencil eraser (ref.).

Then you'll have to replace the batteries, the recommended ones by the manufacturer are:

  • KODAK MAX Alkaline Battery AA
  • KODAK Ni-MH Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries AA

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Not worked help 😞😞


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