Is My Craftsman engine toast?

“My Craftsman lawn tractor made a loud metal clanking sound while mowing and then revved up real high. I stopped idled it down and shut it off. The blades are good, oil is good and still new. When I tried to start it only turns half a turn then stops. I jumped it but got the same results. Is the engine toast?”

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Brian Tiernan what model engine is it? HAve you removed the plug(s) and see if you can turn the engine without compression and preferably by hand? I'd be checking on carburetion and the valve drive to see if there is something that has happened with it.


Hi Brian Tiernan,

As @oldturkey03 said, it would be helpful to know the engine model on your mower, and the first thing I'd check is what oldturkey03 suggests: Remove the spark plug and try to turn the engine over by hand (don't try to turn it over with the starter, as that can damage it further!)

Without the spark plug the compression is gone and it should be much easier to turn over. If it still only turns over somewhat, and not a full revolution, then there is something preventing the piston from going a full cycle.


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