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Выпущен в июне 2017 года как преемник Surface Pro 4. Также известен как Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3». Номер модели: FJT-00001.

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Touchscreen only works when touching the case

I bought an used SP5 and replaced the screen. All went perfect and no issue seemed to be present. But after using it more, I found a problem with the touch recognition. I can only use my finger to interact while touching the Metall case of the SP5, when laying it on the table (or any other surface) it won't recognize the touch input. I tried every other troubleshooting tip (reinstalling drivers, firmware, resting or setting the calibration etc).

I do have a screen protector on the screen. Might this be the problem? Or do I have to open the device again? Maybe there's some current acting as phantom touch on the whole screen? Magnetic interference? Surface pen works flawless.

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Hi Fabio von Brasche,

I’m posting as a comment and not answer, as I’m not 100% sure, but it almost sounds like you have a grounding issue in there after the screen replacement.

I’d start with opening it up again, even though it’s a pain, and unplug, clean and plug back in both battery and screen.


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Fabio von Brasche I completely agree with my colleague @geirandersen but would advice that you take the screen protector off for now and see if it makes a difference. It does sound like a ground connection issue.

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So I removed the screen protector and now it works flawless. Does this mean the screen protector is too thick? But how can that be having mostly good reviews? Or is there an issue with low conductivity of myself?


Fabio von Brasche It may just be an insulator that is non conductive even to ground. You could try a different brand and see if that makes a difference. At least you know your part works and you did a perfect job working on it.


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