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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor / 64GB or 128GB SSD

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Logic Board for A MacBook Air 11 inch Late 2010

I am trying to find a Logic Board for A Mac Book Air 11 inch Late 2010 with 4gb of ram, I wont buy from a well known auction site

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Hi A Smith,

I would never buy such a thing from (I assume I'm thinking of the same site) that site. No way.

When I'm looking for that sort of thing I only buy "locally" (Norway isn't very large in the big picture), where I either can go pick up the item personally. We have a major used market place online called Finn.no (very much like Craigslist) where I get most of my needs covered. Otherwise, Facebook Marketplace and / or Buy/Sell/Trade groups (also on Facebook).

That auction site is filled (overrun really) by scammers and you'll have to cherry pick the items.
Luckily there is the Buyers protection which has you covered in case of a fraud.

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eBay is not nearly as bad as it once was in my experience. I have gotten many things from them.


@thequacker I agree that they are better than they were, but they're still chock full of scammers. I am a member of a major resellers group and the horror stories I hear from some sellers, is appalling.

Buy -> Swap for similar, but broken -> Return for refund (this happens A LOT!)

As a seller it is crucial to mark (or at least document serial numbers where applicable) when selling and sending an item. That way a swap/return scam is well documented and it is much easier for the authorities to investigate.

UV markings on the item sent (preferably in a place where it's not easily spotted) and photographing said markings for documentation.


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