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Released on May 20 2022. These are Sony's most advanced noise cancelling headphones.

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Are the headbands easy and user serviceable?

I got the XM3, and I learned that you have to completely dismantle the headphones just to replace a worn out headband. Is this also true on the XM5's or is it different?

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Unfortunately it’s a bit too soon to tell as they are still very new headphones

Judging from the way they look and the way the headband extends it would seem that they would need dismantling a bit unless Sony has built in a release clip where the headband meets the headphones them selfs

But that’s only what I’m thinking ,iv repaired many headphones and most of them don’t come apart easily

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Yes these need completely disassembled to replace the headband, have seen nothing but broken headbands at this point, Sony might be revising these at some point as I personally work on hundreds of pairs of headphones and there is a severely weak area where the headband swivels and not much to hold it all together, you also can not replace any parts of the headband without cutting the harness as there is no way of getting the harness through the hangers on the headband.

Just my input, most of the parts on the ear cups can be replaced rather easily.

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James Colby if you have a couple broken ones laying around, or if you are working on those, any chance you can create a couple of guides and showing those "weak spots"? Those guides will come in very handy as the headphones age further. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new


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Block Image

Block Image

Hello, after 6 months from the purchase of the headphones, the headband from the headphone guide broke. I didn't do anything, just putting them on as usual, I felt that something snapped in the fastening.

As for me, this is a defect of the headphones, because in the reviews of these headphones in the UK Sony and one customer had this situation in exactly the same place as my headphones.

I am sending a printscreen of mine and the one from the UK review. Unfortunately, the service in Poland sent me this message:

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