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Bose SoundSport Free are wireless earbuds from Bose. Released in 2017. Model number: 774373-0010.

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Earbuds wont turn on

Have a set of soundsport model 423729 earbuds. Get 5 lights on solid on case and both lights on solid white inside. earbuds when taken out of case give NO lights. TRied holding down left bud button then held don any button on right to try to wake up.Nothing . . Help

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Reviewed sidebar questions? If earbuds and case were never dropped onto hard ground, battery life may have reached their end of life (between 3-5 years). Ebay used ones may have short battery life too. Determining year of manufacture, battery life, repair options; https://www.bose.com/en_us/support.html


My right earbud never really worked right. I put them aside for a while. Now they are detected by the Bose app but won't pair to my new Android or to my new laptop. Snap. Snap. The bluetooth light on the right earbud never turns on. Although both are fully charged. Just going to toss. Bottom line: I have never had a positive experience with these. They bring no joy.


Check my Reset Bose Products solution below and see if you can fix yours


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One earbud won't connect or power on

Try resyncing the earbuds and charging case. Turn off Bluetooth on all devices within 30 ft of the earbuds

Make sure the earbuds are firmly seated on the charging pins when charging.

Check if the battery is charged.

Reboot the Bluetooth device.

Your product may need service.



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I have same issue and I’m on my second set - both are the same. I beginning to think it’s me. I’m updating firmware but I’ve tried this once before on my last pair.

Anyone who may have had this problem and fixed it, I’d appreciate any advise.. Bose doesn’t seem to be much help. They’d prefer I upgrade.

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Its not you. I am having the same problem. Had not used them in a while. Seems dead now.


Same problem, I am able to blink the light of the earbuds placing in the case and press many times the Bluetooth buttons. but I can't connect them


My left on blinks but doesn’t connect. My right one seems like it isn’t charging even though it shows charging when in the case. Bose tech support was of no help. Anyone wanna sell a right earbud?


Check my new found solution because I was up all night with the same problem


I am having the same problem as you guys. I have updated the firmware and cleaned the earbud and inside the case with 95% alcohol. Left it charging for 3 days and only the left side is working. The Right side seems dead. But if I am able to update the firmware, it means that the right side (main piece) is working, or at least, everything except the bluetooth.

Does any one know any other to reset it from zero?


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If your earbuds do not switch to Bluetooth try leaving them in the charging case making sure your case is fully changed and your buds flash white. Once all that is satisfied , press the single button for 15 or 20 seconds and the Bluetooth should illuminate - do the same thing with the multi button and you should be paired . Leave them both in the case and test with YouTube or something before removing them from the charging case! And thank me later, Bose would rather you buy another pair instead of simply sharing this simple clearing of the memory,

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