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The Sega CD model 2 was a revised model of the Sega CD released in 1993 to accompany the updated design of the Sega Genesis II.

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CD drive not spinning

ive found that my sega cd is not reading disks ive had the unit apart and found that the laser will attempt to find the disk but the motor wont spin the caps on the board appear to be fine as do the other components i have attempted to clean the lens to no avail and suggestions as the what the problem could be?

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Carter Logan make sure that the nylon gears on the the sled drive are in good working order and do not have any broken teeth etc. Make sure they mesh. You also want to check for power on the motor. After that I suggest you check the schematics and measure the caps etc. After all, things are getting a bit weak after 30 years :-) and recapping might just be on order. Use this manual Sega CDto help you with working on your console.

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motor is getting proper voltage and gears are fine im thinking the laser is bad ive read that the motor wont spin if the laser cant find a disk


@Carter Logan time to replace it


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Hi, did you ever find a fix for this?

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