My PlayStation start opening very slow

Hi body, I would like to repair my PlayStation, the problem as below, please help to check, thanks.

  1. When I turn on PlayStation, I can see Sony mark, next step should be show openning "SCEA", but screen became very slow and stuck, can not into game.
  2. I can play music CD, no problem.
  3. My console is 5501
  4. No install mod chip
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@cch2001 has it worked for you before without any problems? What TV/Monitor are you using? How are you connecting to that? This is almost a 30 year old console and it may require a good cleaning and a recap of the motherboard. Have you checked to see what the inside looks like? Dust, dirt, corrosion, failed caps, corroded traces can all be an issues with this.


Hi Oldturkey, thanks for your feedback. Actually I bought that from internet, about $25. From seller's comments, he had no TV for AV connector, so he can not try if any problems. When I got that, that's no problem to play music CD, but can not run any games. So, I try to clean laser head and lubricate the track, result is same, still can not play game. Sony opening is normal, but that's very slow when into SCEA opening and stuck.

My idea is change new laser head, so I bought this parts from China. After replaced new one, that's still can not play games. So I think maybe there had some broken from motherboard. Now I tried to find root cause and fix.

When I recap, motherboard looks ok, but metal lid had corrosion. Can console start

if motherboard had failed cap or corroded traces?


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