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An all-in-one printer manufactured by Epson.

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Not printing. Has ink?

Not printing pages. Occasional yellow lines. Inks are all fine. ????

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Perform a Full Power Cycle – Before we go any further, make sure you perform a complete power cycle on your printer. This is a fancy way of saying turn it off and on again. Completely shut down the printer, remove the power source and disconnect all cables. Wait a few moments, then fire it back up and see if your problem is solved.

Print a Test Page – A test page is a simple way to determine your printer’s performance and see if any black ink makes it onto the page. You should be able to find this option on your printer’s display screen. It may have a different name, such as “Quality Diagnostic Report”.

Check Cartridge Levels – Check the estimated ink levels of your printer cartridges and replace any low or empty ones.

Check Printer is Set Up Correctly – Consult the user manual and ensure the printer setup is correct.



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If you do not use an inkjet constantly, the ink will dry on the heads and it won't print. Sometimes you can fix this buy doing multiple cleaning exercises. Otherwise, you need to replace the cartridges if the heads are on the cartridge or remove all the cartridges and CAREFULLY clean the heads with ISO Alcohol.

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