Chirping Sound, Drive Powers Down

Hi, I have a Macbook Pro A1260.

I replaced the hard drive with a 500GB hybrid solid-state drive.

At seemingly random times, I hear a chirping noise and the drive spins down (I'm assuming it powers off for some reason). It generally spins right back up, but I'm stuck with the POD (pinwheel of death) while the drive isn't at full speed.

Does anybody know why this happens? It doesn't make a difference if I'm running on battery or on the power adapter. Am I in danger of the drive crashing?


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I used to have a 500GB/4GB Hybrid drive in my Santa Rosa A1226 about a year ago. I replaced it with a stand-alone SSD and separate platter hard drive specifically for the reasons you're asking about.

When the hybrid was installed, the platter drive portion would wind down to conserve power. It drove me nuts, because every time it spun back up, I'd get that whirly pinwheel. It just took a second for it to spin back up, but that second was such an annoyance that I couldn't live with the drive, and I returned it.

Here's a good article on the whole issue. You can try updating the firmware on your drive to see if that will improve the situation. I don't think the drive will crash, but it's definitely not a good idea to have it continue turning on/off.

By the way, I'm absolutely loving the SSD setup I currently have in my machine, which entails installing this Optical Bay SATA HD Enclosure along with a stand-alone SSD. These same parts should work in your A1260, and will prolong the usefulness of your machine as long as you don't miss your optical drive too much...

9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure Изображение


9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure


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This sounds like exactly what is happening in my situation. I may try to update the firmware otherwise replace the drive. Either way I have to make a full backup.


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Recently, my brand new MacBook Pro 15" started chirping so I went online to find out what other people had experienced and how they fixed it. I tried several of the solutions that I could do without taking it to an Apple store, but the chirping continued. I rebooted and it seemed to go away once, but, suddenly it started up again. Then I noticed a flashing icon in the upper right corner of my screen. i discovered that whenever there was a Weatherbug weather alert, the icon would flash and the chirping would begin. I uninstalled Weatherbug, and all's well!!! This was my experience and thankfully the solution was relatively simple.

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LOL. This is totally something that would happen to me. However, there is no Weatherbug to blame it on. It's definitely the drive. I appreciate you sharing your story, though.


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